5 Park Row Lane Ownership Guide

The Residence

6 beds, 5.5 baths, 3,712 sq ft

We invite you to be one of just 6 fortunate families who collectively own this magnificent vacation home nestled in the heart of the desirable Gulf District in WaterColor. This “beachy chic” luxury residence provides you and your family the quintessential beach experience, just steps from the ocean and the WaterColor Beach Club. It’s an exceptional limited real estate offering that delivers on personal renewal and the rewards of home ownership.

Associated Costs

Initial One-Time Capital Contribution

Your capital is 100% secured by the home, paid for free and clear.

Full share: $555,000 - enjoy up to 8 weeks of use per year.

Half share: $277,500 - enjoy up to 4 weeks of use per year.

Total Annual Fees*

Full share: $24,250

Half share: $12,125

*These fees are allocated directly to expenses relating to the comprehensive maintenance and management of the residence, including property taxes, utilities, interior and exterior maintenance, HOA fees, flood insurance, household supplies as well as deferred maintenance.

Travel Points

Your Travel Currency

Travel points are the currency used for reserving the Park Row Lane property as well as accessing sister LLC residences..

Full Share: Shareholder receives 5,300 travel points annually which equates to approximately 42 nights of use

Half Share: Shareholder receives 2,650 travel points annually which equates to 21 nights of use

Travel Points Per Night Guide

  • In Season (April - November) 120 Su-Th / 160 Fri-Sat
  • Off Season (Dec - February) 60 Su-Th / 80 Fri-Sat
  • Month of March: 160
  • Christmas and New Years weeks: 160
  • Thanksgiving week: 160
  • Memorial Day week (Friday - Friday): 200
  • Labor Day week (Friday - Friday): 200

Sample Itinerary Using 5,300 Travel Points

  • March 21-28: 1,120 points
  • June 10-17: 920 points
  • January 10-17: 480 points
  • May 15-21: 920 points
  • October 31-November 6: 920 points
  • Week of Reciprocity to Isle of Palms, SC: 920 points
  • Total 42 nights, 5,280 Travel Points

Rotating Priority Reservation System

The Freedom of Flexibility

Lifestyle Asset Group’s rotating priority reservation protocol (PRP) allows shareholders to plan their vacations with as little or as much advanced notice as they choose. Travel points can also be used to sponsor unaccompanied guests, giving you the flexibility to send family & friends on amazing vacations, use them as a reward for a high-performing employee, or as a donation to your favorite charity.

Reservations are made two ways:

(1) Each shareholder is assigned a number 1-6. Once assigned a number, shareholders will first choose one week-long reservation in the ensuing 12-month calendar in an order from Shareholder #1 through 6, then a second week-long reservation in an order of #6 to #1.

The order of 1 through 6, and 6 through 1, changes each year with shareholder 2 advancing to 1 in the second year of the PRP and shareholder 1 moving to 6 in year two. By rotating the order in the selection process under the PRP, all shareholders will have years of holding position #1, #2, etc.

At the conclusion of this PRP process, there is a total of 12 weeks out of 52 available weeks in the calendar.

Half share investors are assigned a number 1 – 6 with the added layer of an “A” or “B” status. For example, shareholder #2 (A) will choose their first week as described above on Year 1, and then shareholder #2 (B) will select their first week in Year 2. Half shares only select one week in the PRP process and the remaining week as described below:

(2) The second reservation protocol is the application of the shareholder’s remaining travel points, following the PRP, when each shareholder can evaluate their own timelines and schedules in applying their remaining points. There is no formal structure for these remaining reservations. After the 12 weeks are confirmed in the PRP, the calendar is published online and reservations are all first come-first serve by all shareholders.

“Space Available” Reservations

There will be periods during the year when the Park Row Lane property will be unreserved and available and shareholders are welcome to reserve the home on short notice without having to apply travel points. Accordingly, whenever the residence is available and unreserved twenty one (21) days hence, this opportunity for a short notice reservation shall be deemed “Space Available”.

Rental Participation Program

Dollars and Sense

Shareholders have the option to rent some of their weeks to offset annual expenses. You’ll receive approximately $8,000 in credits for every week you donate to the rental pool.

As you can see in the charts below, if a Full Share Investor enjoys 3 weeks of use and rents 3 weeks, the annual expenses are only $250, or $12 per night!

And as shown in the bottom chart, a half-share investor, vacationing just one week will actually make money!

Full Share Investor

Weeks of Use Weeks Rented Annual Fees
6 0 $24,250
5 1 $16,250
4 2 $8,250
3 3 $250
2 4 $7,750 Credit
1 5 $15,750 Credit
0 6 $23,750 Credit

Half Share Investor

Weeks of Use Weeks Rented Annual Fees
3 0 $12,125
2 1 $4,125
1 2 $3,875 Credit
0 3 $11,875 Credit

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